“Help us raise money!”  As a consultant with over 25 years experience, I hear this so often.  People always want help raising money but not willing or ready to do the prep work to Fundraising. There is no Special Funding Godmother and Secret Mystery to Funding.  It is not quite that easy.

On the other hand, many nonprofits are sitting on a gold mine without realizing it.  They need to dig out their hidden assets and match them to proven fundraising strategies.  My Fundraising Plan Sessions will show you how to do just that. If you follow the steps and do the exercises, you will end up with a powerful tool to mine your organization’s resources.  Each issue of Nonprofit World contains departments addressing fundraising; there are many resources on the subject.

Most founders  start with not the idea that their passion  or mission is big enough for others to give donations; however, it takes more than just a need to make people move and give donations.  Because is this thought, some nonprofits  do survive, because they didn’t build the proper fundraising foundation.  No matter how worthy your cause, you won’t automatically attract funds. Successful fundraising demands a broad view, an understanding of why people give and what you can offer in return for their support. There are many levels of support and in-kind is just as important.  The success of your plan is greater than the amount of money raised but also the influence of the organization and increased support from the greater community.

Make the commitment now to start your eight steps and register for our Live Online Sessions.  Prefer an in-person session, Invite our firm to your organization to teach more on Sustainable Income for your Nonprofit and Developing your fundraiser plan.  Put aside an time to work on the information given. Form a Fund-raiser committee to assist with the tasks. Have Fun with it.  Before you know it, you will understanding how fundraiser plan works and begin to  raise the funds you need. Use this link below to register or go to Register page and register for the 8 Foundational Steps to Fundraising Plan. https://form.jotform.com/72345437816158

Why having a Fundraising Plan is so imperative to get Funded!
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